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'Reel' Moments Elevated for
Maximum Brand Exposure

Revolutionizing a seamless way to unite internal teams and stakeholders, enabling effortless idea sharing, commenting, and the visualization of your marketing story.

How Script-to-Screen Works

Teams who use The Jungle's Script-to-Screen-Experience (S2SE) cut out distractions and work smarter

Invite the right stakeholders

Ensure active involvement of all decision-makers throughout the project by establishing a dynamic point of reference that remains current with evolving plans, fostering alignment among team members, and offering stakeholders and executives comprehensive visibility.

Drunk Monkey Stakeholders
Drunk Monkey Stakeholders zoomed in

Why decision-makers choose The Jungle

"If you're looking for a feature that enhances transparency and empowers your entire team with a comprehensive overview of your video productions—The Jungle offers it all."

Fusion Tech

Courtney Sanchez

Software Development, CEO

Big Picture Focus

Gain all project knowledge without digging through the weeds. Efficiently access comprehensive project knowledge with executive controls.

Efficiency unlock — engaged

Don't get left in the dark. Whether you delegate responsibilities or not, you'll always know where the project stands without asking your assistant for the 58325 time.

More impact, less effort

Real-time data you can count on. Get up-to-the-minute insights and reports that will drive results and promote continuous improvement.



Add comments to increase awareness of what works and what needs to be modified before moving forward.

Content Security

Control access to your content using email auth and password protection.

Rich comments

React and comment on all material with text and emojis.

Keep the conversation going

Using The Jungle, you can ask questions, share ideas, and exchange knowledge without time zones or busy calendars getting in the way.

Group 22 (4).png

Streamline team engagement

Instead of spending extra time and effort documenting your progress in a formal email, start typing and updating your team effortlessly.

Bring everyone to the table

The Jungle empowers teams to share ideas, collaborate effectively, and focus on what's important, whether you're working across departments or across the world.

"Our teams can now conveniently respond in a single location, ensuring that nobody is left uninformed. We have the flexibility to work internally as needed and seamlessly collaborate with The Jungle team through a secure application. It's a flawless setup!"


Jessica Lee

Virtual Assistant Software, Sr. Director, Brand & Creative

Always be in the know

Always know exactly where you stand and communicate directly with our creative team.

Reduce disruptions

Enjoy the same context and clarity of working in-person right next to our team — without any of the disruptive shoulder taps.

Increase transparency

Securely view work progress with your team so everyone stays on the same page.

Amplify announcements

Use comments and tags to share important information with the right people, at the right time so no one ever misses a deadline again.

"Our teams can now work on the same project together and communicate with any stakeholder instantly, wherever they are. Working with The Jungle creative team and being able to work with teammates all on one platform has helped push our marketing team forward."

Jared Reaves, PayMint

Jared Reaves

FinTech Software, Chief Growth Officer

GH!R Important Dates (4).png
Green Brown Simple Project Management Decision Tree Graph (1).png
"The Jungle has been my absolute favorite thing, ever since you put me onto it. The comment section is seriously a godsend."
Brian Johnson_edited.png

Brian Johnson

Game Studio, Chief Marketing Officer

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