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Why Restaurants use The Jungle

To raise hyper-local brand awareness
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Gung Ho! Jungle offers an innovative Script-to-Screen-Experience service that enables businesses to create captivating and high-quality on-location commercial productions.  They wanted to create an on-location commercial in their beautiful Los Angeles, CA restaurant with an upscale, hyper-local feel.


Love & Salt aimed to develop a visually stunning, hyper-local commercial that effectively communicates its upscale brand. They looked to tell the story of their brand which began in 1977 as Cafe Pierre, by bringing a taste of France to LA's South Bay.


Love & Salt is a philosophy: food needs only two ingredients to be great. It’s a sensibility that informs the feeling in the restaurant and the dishes on the menu — Italian-inspired with Southern California soul. An approachable wine list and classic cocktail program similarly reflect the vibrant SoCal setting of the restaurant, located just steps from the Manhattan Beach pier.

Utilizing Script-to-Screen-Experience

Align and Script Design

Love & Salt had a pretty hands-off approach, and loved to see where our creative team took their story. After a brief meeting with the founder, Sylvie Gabriele, the head chef, and the marketing crew, we were able to understand their goals, brand identity, and the message they wanted to convey through the commercial.

love & salt dishes.jpeg

Pre-Production Planning and Crafting

Our creative team really stepped up to the plate for Love & Salt and truly delivered a masterpiece. Our head of creative and their head of marketing were able to incorporate engaging dialogues that speak to the community they have built and the clientele they looked to capture in the commercial.

On-Location Production Real-Time Communication

Equipped with state-of-the-art cameras, lighting, and sound equipment, the Gung Ho! Jungle team arrived at Love & Salt to execute the commercial production bright and early Monday morning for a 2-day shoot. We worked closely with the restaurant staff (especially being in a time crunch to wrap up each shoot before the restaurant opened each day at 5 PM), guiding them on their roles during the shoot and capturing genuine moments that highlight the restaurant's vibrant ambiance, attentive service, and delicious cuisine. The team's expertise ensures seamless coordination and high production value throughout the shoot.

Real-Time Behind The Scenes 

Never been on set, but your curiosity has always led you to wonder what goes on behind the scenes.

Perhaps your Social Media team is in search of fresh content to share. Regardless of the situation, the Script-to-Screen-Experience is here to cater to your needs. Whether you want to stay updated or enhance your social media presence, we have got you covered.


Our team managed to capture an impressive amount of behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage during this two-day shoot, providing us with a wealth of marketing material that can last for at least six months.


After the on-location shoot, our post-production team had a call with Love & Salt to confirm they were satisfied moving into post-production. With the Script-to-Screen-Experience media management tools, Love & Salt was easily able to follow along, ensuring everything was running smoothly.

Benefits That Keep Giving

By utilizing the Script-to-Screen-Experience, Love & Salt achieved some very impressive results.


store traffic increase


increase in subscribers

on YouTube


net follower growth

(percent change)


By leveraging Gung Ho! Jungle's Script-to-Screen-Experience service, Love & Salt successfully created a visually stunning on-location commercial that effectively captured its unique ambiance and culinary offerings. We look forward to working with them in the near-future.

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