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Attracting new fans with smarter content

Why breweries use The Jungle

Increase foot traffic
Lean teams looking to gain high ROI
Increase order value
To scale content marketing through storytelling


One of the oldest Canadian breweries with a vast history that goes back to the late 1700s was looking to revamp its brand through a series of short commercials. 


YellowBelly is looking to boost brand awareness and engage its target audience through an exciting and visually captivating on-location commercial. To achieve this, they decide to utilize The Gung Ho! Jungle Script-to-Screen-Experience, is a comprehensive production solution that leverages cutting-edge technology and creative expertise.

Utilizing Script-to-Screen-Experience


Saving Time in Pre-Production Planning

We worked very closely with their team to develop a compelling concept for their commercial that aligns with their brand identity and resonates with their target market. Through detailed discussions, the team brainstorms creative ideas, including unique storytelling approaches, captivating visuals, and key messages to convey.

Align and Script Design

Our creative team worked very closely with their marketing team to craft a script that effectively communicates the brewery's values, history, and craftsmanship behind their beers. They carefully integrate the brand's unique selling points, such as their locally sourced ingredients and sustainable brewing practices. 

On-Location Production Real-Time Communication

Real-time communication can happen whenever, wherever, which was a feature that made a lot of difference for on-location shooting, especially when some of the team cannot attend the entire day of shooting.

Real-Time Behind The Scenes 

Never been on set, but your curiosity has always led you to wonder what goes on behind the scenes. Perhaps your Social Media team is in search of fresh content to share. Regardless of the situation, the Script-to-Screen-Experience is here to cater to your needs. Whether you want to stay updated or enhance your social media presence, we have got you covered.


Some of our best work has come from behind-the-scenes inside breweries because of such great culture. They even made a special request for us to film BTS footage using our VHS camcorder, aiming for an authentic old-school visual representation of the commercial shoot's day-to-day activities.


After the on-location shoot, our post-production team had a call with YellowBelly to confirm they were happy to move into post-production. With the Script-to-Screen-Experience media management tools, YellowBelly was easily able to follow along, ensuring everything was running smoothly.

Benefits That Keep Giving

By utilizing the Script-to-Screen-Experience, YellowBelly achieved some very impressive results.


increase in order size


increase in subscribers

on YouTube


days in inventory


By leveraging the Script-to-Screen Experience, breweries have successfully orchestrated smooth and efficient on-location commercial productions. From pre-production planning and script development to on-location shooting and post-production editing, the platform's comprehensive set of tools and collaborative features streamlined the entire process.

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