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Accelerating expansion for a local bakery

Why bakeries use The Jungle

Increase foot traffic
expand local market
Increase order value
hyper-local algorithm reach


A local bakery that started in early 2015 wanted to expand from two stores to six stores over the next two years and wanted some real firepower in their video marketing. o achieve this goal, they create a compelling commercial that showcases their mouthwatering products, emphasizes their commitment to quality and freshness, and captures the essence of their friendly customer service. To bring their vision to life, they collaborate with The Gung Ho! Jungle Script-to-Screen Experience.


The objective of the local bakery's commercial production with The Jungle Script-to-Screen Experience is to increase brand visibility, expand the customer base, and establish the bakery as a top choice in the local area.

Company background

The local bakery has successfully established a strong reputation for its artisanal pastries and exceptional customer service. With two existing stores, they aim to expand their brand presence and increase market share by opening four additional locations in strategic areas of the city.

Expansion goals: 

With aims to achieve the following objectives through its expansion plan:

  • Brand Awareness: Increase visibility and awareness of Delicious Delights as the go-to bakery for high-quality baked goods.

  • Market Penetration: Capture a larger share of the local bakery market by reaching new customers and drawing existing customers away from competitors.

  • Customer Engagement: Connect with the local community, foster customer loyalty, and encourage repeat business through effective communication and storytelling.

Utilizing Script-to-Screen-Experience

bakery middle

Market Research

The Jungle's creative team collaborated with the local bakery to develop a compelling concept that aligns with the bakery's brand identity, values, and expansion goals. Our first bit of work was to get a strong understanding of their target demographics and current trends through market research.

Script design 

With the expertise of The Jungle's creative team, comprised of seasoned scriptwriters, we embarked on the process of crafting commercial outlines. Leveraging the powerful Script-to-Screen-Experience (S2SE), we gained the advantage of prompt feedback from their team, allowing us to swiftly align our vision and secure sign-offs from our stakeholders.

Storyboard and Pre-Production

Visual storytelling is crucial in creating engaging commercials. The Jungle's artists create detailed storyboards, mapping out each scene and visual element to ensure a coherent and visually appealing narrative. The commercial's production involved shooting on-location at the local bakery stores, capturing the bakery's mouthwatering pastries, cheerful ambiance, and interactions between staff and customers, as well as in one of our studios to recreate scenes to get a closer and personal feel. The Jungle's team handles all technical aspects, ensuring high-quality visuals and sound.

Real-Time Behind The Scenes 

Never been on set, but your curiosity has always led you to wonder what goes on behind the scenes. Perhaps your Social Media team is in search of fresh content to share. Regardless of the situation, the Script-to-Screen-Experience is here to cater to your needs. Whether you want to stay updated or enhance your social media presence, we have got you covered.


Following the shoot, we employed our cutting-edge editing techniques, added captivating music, and applied color grading to create a visually appealing and emotionally engaging commercial.

Benefits That Keep Giving

By utilizing the Script-to-Screen-Experience, the local bakery achieved some very impressive results.


increase in sales




increase in return on ad spend


By leveraging the Script-to-Screen Experience, the local bakery was able to successfully creates a compelling commercial that effectively communicates its brand values and unique offerings. This collaboration enables the local coffee shop to enhance its marketing efforts, increase brand awareness, and attract a larger customer base, ultimately driving growth and success for the business.

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